UpNorth Marketplace Inc. is a new and used vehicle data acquisition company incorporated to assist dealerships with their entire internet selling needs.

We physically visit your dealership to collect all pertinent vehicle information, take any number of high resolution digital photos of each vehicle, and print out customized window stickers and buyers guides to be displayed in your vehicles windows.

That same day all information along with pictures are uploaded to the internet to be displayed on your web site as well as any other data, advertising and marketing partners of your choosing.

Premier Database Acquisitions
What makes UpNorth Marketplace stand out is our commitment to not only doing the job, but getting the job done right. Each visit to your dealership provides a new challenge since no two vehicles have the same options and accessories. Therefore, our professionally trained representatives take their time to physically locate and inventory each vehicle that is not currently in your database.
We collect vehicle information
Our professionally trained representative takes down all pertinent information regarding each vehicle: Stock number, price, VIN, year, make, model, series, engine, transmission, miles, exterior color, interior color. Your representative will then collect all of your vehicles optional equipment and accessories, providing your internet customers with the most comprehensive information regarding your vehicle.
We take high-resolution digital photos
Once all vehicle information is collected, our representative will take any number of high resolution digital pictures of your choosing of each vehicle. By capturing  multiple exterior and interior photos of each vehicle, you will give your internet customers a virtual tour of each vehicle. This virtual tour allows the internet customer the opportunity  to see all aspects of the vehicle enhancing their buying experience.
We print labels and apply to vehicles
Upon completing the data acquisition and taking of photos, our professionally trained representative will print out window stickers and buyers guides for each vehicle. The representative will place all printed stickers in the vehicles. That afternoon, upload of all pictures and information are not only placed on your site but uploaded to any data, advertising, or marketing partners of your choosing.
Your on your way to selling more vehicles!