UpNorth Marketplace Inc. is a new and used vehicle data acquisition company incorporated to assist dealerships with their entire internet selling needs.

We physically visit your dealership to collect all pertinent vehicle information, take any number of high resolution digital photos of each vehicle, and print out customized window stickers and buyers guides to be displayed in your vehicles windows.

That same day all information along with pictures are uploaded to the internet to be displayed on your web site as well as any other data, advertising and marketing partners of your choosing.


Our dealer management system polling (DMS) is a state of the art management tool designed for the dealer to keep their internet inventory current. Working in conjunction with your dealer management system, our system keeps your inventory current on your web site as well as informs any external lead provider or data partner of changes to pricing, options and accessories as well as inventory.

The internet is an invaluable selling tool and by keeping the information as reliable as possible provides your current and future customers the most comprehensive information regarding your inventory and enhancing their shopping experience with your dealership. A time saving tool, it allows you to spend more time selling vehicles and less time having to worry about keeping your inventory on the internet up to date. This will eliminating calls on vehicles that may have already been sold or are no longer on your lot, saving face with your customers.

Polling pulled straight from your Dealer Management System will provide the following:
  • Polling updates performed 7 days a week - 365 days a year
  • Sold vehicles automatically pulled from database and your internet inventory, kept in sold database for 60 days
  • Can mark vehicles as SOLD on your vehicle list page and maintain vehicle information as well as pictures on your web site for any period of your choosing
  • Automatically places new units entered into your DMS into internet inventory with generic picture template
  • Automated pricing interface and updates
  • Automated vehicle description, options, and accessories interface and updates
  • Comprehensive list of new vehicle options (More information than manufacturer)
  • Automated interface with Data Partners, Marketing Partners and Advertising Partners
  • Automatically informs Data Partners, Marketing Partners or Advertising Partners of changes to vehicle options, accessories, descriptions, pricing or sale of vehicle